Shells Watch Wholesale Fashion Jewellery - is direct manufacturer and exporter of quality fashion jewelries, costume jewelry, components fashion accessories and more made from the finest natural products from Cebu, Philippines. All this originaly hand crafted or handmade to make it more quality export Philippine made products. Most of our main components are made of natural shells, wood, bamboo, coco and many others to show craftmanship and excellence in good and high quality cheap wholesale Philippine products. Shells Watch brings you the best quality in wholesale fashion jewelries and cheapest manufacturer not only in asia but whole world. Not only cheaper prize of fashion jewelries and fashion accessories can give you, also big discount for those who buy in volume. We have also home, resorts, hotels decoration, gift items and shell tile/panels on which very popular today. The more you BUY the BIG discount we can give you...

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Wholesale Hotels, Resorts & Home Decoration - Quality world class but cheaper prize of all Lamp Shades and Chandeliers products made of capiz shell best for home, resorts or hotels lighting decoration. Made by natural seashell like capiz shells chips and all chrome plated metal frame with electirc fitting to have wondeful light creation. Purely handmade and expertly crafted to make a one of a kind home lighting, office table lights, resorts or hotels lights decoration like capiz lamps, capiz candle holder, capiz curtains and our capiz chandelier lighting.

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Wholesale Shells Components - Capiz shell, MOP shells, sigay/moneta shells, raw shells components is one of our main components for making costume fashion jewelries and accessories made of natural shells such as capiz shells, mother of pearls, puka shells, shell components, assorted shells, raw of pearls and even cut shells. We gather this to become one of the finest creation of wholesale Philippine fashion jewelries, wholesale Philippine fashion accessories and world class wholesale home decoration.

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Wholesale Philippine Gift Items - cheap fashionable and valuable Gift items perfectly designed as a gift for never ending memories. And Perfectly made to make your love-one a perfect gift designed for each every occasion. Coin purses, jewelry boxes, pill boxes and picture frame is one of our popular products today.

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Wholesale Shell Tiles and Panels - our newest world class product to give you more relax and comfort specially in your home walling, office walling, resorts walling, hotels walling specially in comfort or private room tiles. Our shell tiles designed is perfectly made to make your ambiance more fresh looking and elegant. Shell Tiles and large Shell Panels is best for those who like both classical or modern home walling decoration. A variety of sizes, shapes and shells to chose from and best quality for export.

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