Capiz Raws, Chips and Strands - made of capiz shells processed, cleaned, polished and perfectly cut into different shapes to make a beautiful material best for interior decoration like capiz candle holder, wind chimes, lamp shade, hanging lampshade and capiz curtains best for hotels, offices, buildings and even in your home. Capiz shells are also used to make fashion jewelry and fashion accessories. The Capiz shell components are one of the materials that are used to make body jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


Raw Capiz Shell - 3 kilo raw capiz shell super washed.

Size Available:

Small - 7-8cm diameter 510(+-) pieces
Large - 9-10cm diameter 210(+-) pieces
XLarge - 11-13cm diameter 150(+-) pieces

Capiz Raw
Colored Capiz Chips Loose Capiz 60mm - 500 pieces colored capiz chips loose with one hole.

Colored Capiz Chips - made of capiz shell available in different colors and design.

Colored Capiz Shell
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