Capiz Strands - made of capiz shells processed, cleaned, polished and perfectly cut into different capiz chips and put it on a nylon to become perfect stranding. Best for home decoration such as capiz candle holder, wind chimes, lamp shade, hanging lampshade and capiz curtains.


Capiz Raw

JPRC091 - Orange Frog Shell.

JPRC092 - Palm Tree Black Frog Shell.

JPRC093 - Small Stone Frog Shell.

JPRC094 - Stone Frog Shell.

JPRC095 - Yellow Frog Shell.
 JPRC096 - Small Frog Shell in natural color.

JPRC098 - Frog Shell in natural color

JPRC099 - Light Orange Frog Shell.

JPRC100 - White Frog Shell.
Colored Capiz Chips
Colored Capiz Chips JPRC084 - 32mmH, 4 sides Silver Mouth shell.

JPRC085 - 27mmH, 4 sides Paua Shell.

JPRC086 - 20mmH, double-sided Green Turbo shell.

JPRC087 - 25mmH, 4 sides Oval Limpit shell.

JPRC088 - 34mmH, Lesway shell in bamboo design.

JPRC089 - 40mmH, double-sided Abalon White shell.

JPRC090 - 30mmW x 40mmH, Violet Oyster shell.
JPRC080 - 23mm face-to-face head Cackle shell.

JPRC081 - 32mm double sided Limpit shell.

JPRC082 - 32mm double sided Abalon Green shell.

JPRC083 - 25mm, 4 sides Tiger Cowry shell.
Colored Capiz Chips
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