Shell Pendant Necklace Jewelry - is a component made of shell on which a very important part of an necklace or earrings. Shell pendant is one of our focal decorative piece in fashion jewelry. Our shell pendants are made of MOP shells, hammershell, brownlip, mother of pearl, black tab and many more. Our shell pendants are uniquely handmade that it shows craftmanship and excellence in good and high quality wholesale Philippine made products.

shell pendants

MOP Shell Pendant Components:

a. Description: 25x25mm, MOP shell in square design

Code: JPSC501 Price: US$ 0.30

b. Description: 25mm, MOP shell in circle design.

Code: JPSC502 Price: US$ 0.30

c. Description: 20mm, MOP shell in circle design.

Code: JPSC503 Price: US$ 0.20

d. Description: 35mm, MOP shell in circle design.

Code: JPSC504 Price: US$ 0.35

e.Description: 25mm, MOP shell in triangle design.

Code: JPSC505 Price: US$ 0.25

f. Description: 50mm, MOP shell in circle design.

Code: JPSC506 Price: US$ 0.65

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