Raws of Pearl Collection - is the collection and list of all raw shells on which we generally used as our main product for making fashion accessories and home decorations such as Mother of Pearls, Brownlip, Blacklip, Hammer, Paua and Limpit shells.

brownlip shell  

Capiz shell raw

Code : JPRCS003
Desc.: Blacklip raw shells. Approximately 4"-7" in diameter.
Price: US$ 5.93 per kilo
  Code : JPRCS002
Desc.: Brownlip raw shells. Approximately 5"-7" in diameter.
Price: US$ 4.19 per kilo

blacktab raw shell

  Hammer shell raw
Code : JPRCS004
Desc.: Hammer raw shells. Approximately 3"- 8" in height.
Price: US$ 0.84 per kilo
  Code : JPRCS006
Desc.: Limpit raw shells. Approximately 2" - 4" in diameter.
Price: US$ 4.36 per kilo
MOP raw shell   blacklip raw shell
Code : JPRCS001
Desc.: Mother of Pearls or MOP. Approximately 6"-8" in diameter.
Price: US$ 8.37 per kilo
  Code : JPRCS005
Desc.: Paua raw shells. Approximately 4"- 7" in diameter.
Price: US$ 8.72 per kilo
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